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“Magical universal sacred energy of the Orixá. A very strong energy but neutral when on its own. Manipulated and directed by Man through Orixás and their symbols.”


In the world of Candomblé, Axé represents the supernatural power. Axé can also be used to refer to a worship place, Ilê Axé [House of Axé].


In Capoeira, Axé represents strength, courage and energy. A Capoeira “Roda” [circle] full of Axé is excited and happy. Since the majority of Capoeira practitioners don’t follow Candomblé nowadays, the word lost its supernatural and mystical sense.


Sometimes the word Axé can be used as a greeting, a compliment that wishes good things, strength, courage and energy to other people.


The most precious element of a Casa de Santo is the strength that guarantees the dynamic existence. It is transmitted and should be maintained and developed. Like all types of strength, it can increase or reduce. This variation is related to the ritual activity and behavior. It is determined by the scrupulous observation of duties and rights that every Axé owner has to himself, to his Orixá and to his Casa de Santo [circle] and Família de Santo [family]. The development of individual and group Axé, stimulates the Axé of the House.


The strength of Axé is held by certain material elements and substances and is transmitted through them, to beings and objects that keep and renew the powers of realization. Axé is held in the natural and essential substances of each being, simple or complex, that makes up the universe.


Every offer and ritual implies the transmission and revitalization of Axé. To receive Axé means to incorporate the symbolic elements that represent vital and essential principles of everything.

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