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Babalorixá Pai Toninho de Xangô

Pai Toninho de Xangô comes from a numerous family in Cidade de Rio Formoso, close to Recife, in the brasilian state of Pernambuco. He was initiated in Candomblé in Xambá, belonged to two Casas de Santo and nowadays he is in his fourth house. The first was Maria Roxinha, from Alto Pascoal, Casa Amarela, Pernambuco. Today he follows the teaching of House of Oxumaré, led by Babalorixá Pecê de Oxumaré, located in Salvador da Baía.


Pai Toninho de Xangô is one of the most respected Babalorixás in all Brazil and one of the most well known internationally, being in Candomblé since 1965. His activity is highlighted on all major television networks, through reports on his predictions concerning natural, social or political phenomena.


One of his most renowned predictions was the impeachment of the President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Fernando Collor de Mello, a year before the event. Another striking prediction was the victory of the Brazilian football team as five-time world champion.


Pai Toninho de Xangô also stands out for his strong intervention to help the black community. He innovated and demystified Candomblé. He was responsible for taking “Passeata das Yabás” to the streets of São Paulo and for the live online broadcast of “the Orixás feasts” which happened at Centro Cultural do Candomblé. These events allowed anyone interested to contact with this ancient religion, which was impossible before. He has also periodic publications in newspapers and magazines as well as CDs and DVDs and he constantly releases new contents on the Internet.

The house of Oxumaré is legally identified as Sociedade Cultural, Religiosa e Beneficente São Salvador and is located in Salvador da Baía. It was initially founded in Calundú do Obitedó, Cachoeira, Recôncavo Baiano and was recognized by IPAC – Instituto do Património Artístico e Cultural da Baía on December 15th, 2004.


The House of Oxumaré was founded by Manoel Joaquim Ricardo, Babá Talabi, around the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is considered one of the oldest opened houses of Candomblé in Salvador. Nowadays, his caretaker is Babalorixá Pecê of Oxumaré (Sivanilton Encarnação da Mata), born on August 30th 1964 and initiated under the age of 2, on December 14th 1965. In 1991, at the age of 27, he took the leadership of the house.

Ilê Axé Oxumarê – House of Oxumarê

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