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Day: Saturday 

Date: December 13th 
Metal: Gold, Silver and Copper 
Colors: Red and pink 
Elements: Forests, rosy sky, planets and stars, river and lagoon water 
Stones: Ruby and Pink Quartz 
Domains: Beauty, fortune telling (sensibility, sixth sense) and creativity



Origin and history


Ewá is a beautiful virgin that offered her young body to Xangô, Iansã’s husband, and that awoke her anger. Ewá sheltered in unreachable woods, under Oxóssi’s protection and became a brave warrior and a skilled hunter. Ewá protects the virgins and everything unexplored: the virgin forests, virgin women and rivers and lakes where you cannot swim or navigate. Ewá masters fortune telling, which is the main attribute of all oracles.


Features of Ewá’s children


They are people with an exotic beauty, who tend to have two sides: they can be very nice and they are extremely arrogant. Very much devoted to wealth, they like to display glamorous clothes and are always fashionable and accessorized. They are easily influenced and act accordingly with the atmosphere and people that surround them. They are alive and attentive but they focus their attention on certain people or occasions, which leads them to distractions and makes it difficult for them to concentrate, especially in learning activities.

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