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Day: Monday 

Date: Every day is the day of Exú 
Metal: None. His material is earth in its purest form 
Colors: Black (the fusion of primary colors) and red 
Elements: Earth and Fire 
Stones: Ruby and Garnet 
Domains: Sex, magic, union, power and transformation



Origin and history


Exú is the most controversial Orixá of the African pantheon, the most human, lord of the beginning and the transformation, god of the earth and the universe. He is the ego of every being, the greatest companion of Man in his everyday life. There are many opinions about Exú, he is considered as an evil and perverse god. In fact, Exú holds in himself all contradictions and conflicts of human beings. Just like Man, Exú is not all good neither all bad but capable of loving and hating, uniting and moving apart, promoting peace and war. Exú is the most important character of yorubá culture. Without him the world would not make sense, because only through him we can reach the other Orixás and Supreme God Olodumaré. Exú speaks all languages and provides the communication between Orum (heaven) and Aiê (earth), between Orixás and Men.


Features of Exú’s children


The children of Exú smile, are joyful, happy with their lives, ambitious, outgoing, smart, intelligent and attentive. They quickly become popular, loved by some and hated by others. They are people with great communication skills, charm and get everything they want. Being ironic and dangerous, they are used to an avid sex life, with no sense of decency. They easily get in and out of trouble. They don’t hold a grudge, but don’t miss a chance to take revenge. They enjoy the street, the parties and endless conversations, which is the common behavior of a joyful Orixá.

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