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Day: Wednesday 

Date: Dezember 4th 
Metal: Copper 
Color: Brown, red and rose 
Elements: Moving air and fire 
Stones: Ruby and terracotta 
Domains: Storms, windstorms, lightning and death



Origin and history


The storm is the manifest power of Oya, queen of lightning and windstorms. Oya is a warrior at heart, knowing the way to fight and defend what is yours. She shows her contagious love and joy in the same proportion that she externalizes her anger and hatred. Oya is the woman who wakes up in the morning, kisses her children and goes in search of sustenance. The fact of being related to typically male functions does not preclude Oya from the characteristics of a sweeping, sensual and provocative woman. Oya had many men and truly loved everyone. But when she loves a man, she only has interest in him, so she is extremely loyal and possessive.


Features of Oya’s children


To face the risks and challenges of life are the joys of the Oya’s children. They choose their paths more by passion than by reflection. They are outgoing and direct, never hiding their feelings of happiness or sadness. They tend to be authoritarian and possessive. The long relationships only happen when they manage to control their impulses. They are reliable, but if there is a disagreement, a child of Oya does not think before using everything as a weapon. Only one thing enrages them: tinkering with their children is the same as buying a death struggle.

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