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Day: Saturday 

Date: February 2nd 
Metal: Silver 
Color: White, transparent, blue and pink 
Elements: River water that run towards the sea and seawater

Stones: Crystal and aquamarine 

Domains: Maternity, education, mental health and psychology



Origin and history


She is worshipped deeply in Brazil and her cult has almost become independent from Candomblé. She is represented as a mermaid with long black hair. She rules maternity and she is the mother of fish, representing fertility. Iemanjá is the mother of the whole world. She is the mother that guides, shows the way, educates and knows everything.


Features of Iemanjá’s children


The children of Iemanjá have an irresistible charm. They are impressive, majestic, beautiful, calm, sensual, fertile and full of dignity. They are headstrong, vigorous, severe, protective, haughty, and can sometimes be impetuous and arrogant. They accept hierarchy, make other people respect them and are fair. They test their friends because it is hard for them to forgive an offence; even if they forgive, they never forget. They are strong, tough and determined people. They usually exaggerate their side of the truth (so not to say that they lie) and blackmail emotional and affectionately. They are maternal and deeply value their children, keeping the concepts of respect and hierarchy very clear in their lives. Physically, Iemanjá’s children tend to be obese or have some sort of disharmony in their body. They are extrovert and believe they always know everything (even if they don’t).

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