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Logun Edé

Day: Thursday 

Date: April 19th 
Metal: Gold and Bronze 
Colors: Turquoise and Gold 
Elements: Earth (forest) and Water (rivers and waterfalls) 
Stones: Topaz and Turquoise 
Domains: Wealth, abundance and beauty



Origin and history


Logun Edé is the Orixá of wealth and abundance, the son of Oxum and Oxóssi, god of war and water. He is one of the most beautiful Orixá of Candomblé. Logun Edé is an Orixá of contradictions: sometimes he can be sweet and benevolent like Oxum, and sometimes he is severe and lonely like Oxóssi. He is the god of surprise and the unexpected.


Features of Logun Edé’s children


They have Oxum’s characteristics such as narcissism, vanity, love for luxury, sensuality, beauty, charm, elegance. They also have things in common with Oxóssi like beauty, vanity, caution, objectivity and safety. Logun Edé’s sons are extremely superb, arrogant and overbearing. They are beautiful and have cat’s eyes, which attracts and repels at the same time. They are bossy, holders of truth, own large egos and always view themselves as the most beautiful and the owners of truth. When they feel they can control their faults, Logun Edé’s sons become very nice people.


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