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Day: Saturday 

Date: June 26th 
Metal: Brass 
Colors: White and blue; black or purple 
Elements: Still and muddy waters 
Stone: Amethyst 
Domains: Life and death, health and maternity



Origin and history


Nanã is the goddess of mysteries, a divinity that was born at the same time as the creation of the world: the swamp mud was formed when the still waters were separated, through the contact with earth. She synthesizes death, fertility and wealth in herself. Her name designates elderly and respectable people and for some people it means ‘mother’. Being the most ancient water divinity, she represents the ancestral memory of our people: she is the ancient mother by excellence. She is the oldest Candomblé goddess and is respected as a mother by all the other Orixás. Nanã is the beginning, the middle and the end: birth, life and death. She is the origin and the power.


Features of Nanã’s children


Nanã’s children are extremely calm people. They act with benevolence, dignity and kindness. They like children and raise them with much sweetness, just like grandmothers spoil their grandchildren. They behave and look older than they really are. They may prematurely have issues with age such as the tendency to live in the past, live from memories and other pathologies typical in older people. They can be stubborn, hold grudge or postpone a decision. Nevertheless they act safely. Their balanced reactions and relevant decisions keep them in the path of wisdom and justice. They are kind, generous, determined and nice people but mainly respectable, a behavior worthy of a goddess.

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