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Day: Wednesday 

Date: May 30th and 31st 
Metal: Copper 
Stones: Ivory, Coral, Emerald, Leopard Eye Stone 
Colors: Brown, red and yellow 
Elements: Fire and trouble water 
Domains: Love and professional success



Origin and history


Obá is related to water, she is a warrior and not very feminine. Although Obá has transformed herself into a river, she is a goddess related to fire. Obá is greeted as the Orixá of jealousy, but you have to remember that jealousy is the inevitable offspring of love. Therefore Obá is an Orixá of love and passion with all the pain and suffering that feeling can bring. Obá is jealous because she loves.


Features of Obá’s children


Obá’s children have a strong temper, are possessive, needy and misunderstood. They are faithful, impetuous and revengeful. They devote to any cause but surrender themselves to a passion. It is difficult for them to be kind and set up affective communication with others. Sometimes they are rough and rude and move people away from them. They do that because they suffer from a certain inferiority complex, which makes them think that people get close to take advantage of them and at the same time tend to be naïve. Obá’s children invest in their careers because of their bad luck in love.

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