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Day: Tuesday 

Date: June 13th 
Metal: Iron (but every metal belongs to Ogum) 
Colors: Green or dark blue 
Elements: Earth (forests and roads) and Fire 
Stone: Lapis Lazuli 
Domains: War, progress, conquer and metallurgy



Origin and history


Ogum is the fearless warrior, violent and relentless, god of iron, metallurgy and technology, protecting all professionals that work with iron and other metals (blacksmiths, farmers, hunters, etc.). Ogum taught Men how to work with iron and steel. Ogum is a conquering Orixá and got himself respected in all black Africa for its devastating character. Many kingdoms submitted to his military power.


Features of Ogum’s children


Physically, the children of Ogum are thin, but have muscles and a defined contour. They like parties, long conversations and conflicts. If they haven’t got their own conflicts, they get involved in the conflicts of their friends. They have a vigorous sex life and change their partners several times, because it is difficult for them to get attached to someone or somewhere. They are practical, fight for what they want, do anything to achieve their goals, fight insistently and win. They are born as leaders and don’t seize to wealth. They are happy people and love to share their happiness.


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