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Day: Monday 

Date: August 13th or 16th 
Metal: Lead 
Colors: Black, White and Red 
Elements: Earth and Fire (from inside the Earth) 
Stone: Black Tourmaline 
Domains: Epidemic diseases, cure of diseases, health, life and death



Origin and history


Omolú is the Earth. He is the most feared of all African gods, the Orixá of smallpox and all contagious diseases, the powerful “King Owner of the Earth”. However, Omolú is related to the interior of the earth and it reveals a close relation with fire. It is the fire that leads to death like lava from a volcano. Omolú is powerful, warlike, hunter, destroyer and relentless but he becomes quiet when he receives his favorite offering. A man is born, grows up and becomes powerful but is still powerless before Omolú. He can devour him anytime because Omolú is the earth that consumes the man’s body when he dies.


Features of Omolú’s children


The sons of Omolú are extremely pessimistic and stubborn people, they love to show their suffering and look for the hardest and longest road to achieve something. Sometimes they are pleasant but they are usually grumpy, demanding and like to complain. They like things to happen the way they planned but are not ambitious. They are not shining or beautiful people and can have skin diseases or marks on the face, pains and problems with their legs which makes them slow-moving. Omolú’s children are repressed, bitter, revengeful and perverse who love to irritate others. It is difficult to deal with them but at the same time they are extremely helpful and hard-working. They are true friends.

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