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Day: Thursday 

Date: October 5th 
Metal: Tin 
Colors: Green and white 
Elements: Forest and wild plants (earth) 
Stone: Emerald 
Domains: Medicine and liturgy through the leaves



Origin and history


Without leaves there is no Orixá because they are indispensable in Candomblé’s rituals. Each Orixá has his own leaves but only Ossaín knows their secrets and the words that awake their power and strength. Ossaín is the great priest of leaves, the great wizard that can heal, perform miracles, and bring progress and wealth through the leaves. The forest is Ossaín’s home, his territory by excellence, which he divides with other Orixás of the wood, like Ogum and Oxóssi.


Features of Ossaín’s children


Ossaín’s children are extremely balanced and cautious people, that don’t allow their affinities or antipathies to interfere with their opinions about the others. They control their feelings and emotions perfectly. They have the gift of discernment and are cold and rational in their decisions. They are extremely reserved and participate in few social activities. They are thorough and perfectionist in the accomplishment of task, appreciate independence and are fascinated by rules and traditions but love to question them. They have a strong taste for religiosity.

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