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Origin and history


Oxalá has the male procreator power. All representations of him include the color white. He is a fundamental element of the early days of creation, air mass and water mass, and the origin of all types of creatures in Heaven and Earth. He is the first conceived Orixá, keeping the essence of everything. He represents all possibilities, the foundation of each creation and was responsible for creating not only the Universe but also all beings and things in the world. Oxalá is distant from all kinds of violence, disputes and quarrels. He likes order, neatness and purity. He has two different forms: Oxaguiã, a young warrior and Oxalufã, the old patient man leaning on a silver cane.


Day: Friday 

Date: January 15th 
Metal: Silver, White Gold, Lead and Nickel 
Stones: Crystal, Diamond 
Color: Milky White 
Elements: Atmosphere and the sky 
Domains: Male procreator power, creation, life and death



Features of Oxalufã’s child


Oxalufã is physically fragile and delicate; he always feels chilly and tends to catch colds. He counterbalances his physical weakness with a great moral strength and his commitment to fulfill the human condition in its most noble expression. He is faithful in love and friendship. Oxalufã is the sunset.


Day: Friday 

Date: January 15th 
Metal: All white metals 
Stones: Crystal, Quartz and Diamond 
Colors: Milky white and silver 
Elements: Air and atmosphere 
Domains: Daily struggles (for nourishing and work), peace and feeding



Features of Oxaguiã’s child


The child of Oxaguiã is a brave warrior. He is usually tall and strong but he is neither aggressive nor brutal. He doesn’t despise sex and cultivates free love. He is joyful and loves life deeply. He is talkative and funny. Simultaneously he is idealist and defends the weak and the oppressed ones, as well as those who suffer from injustice. Oxaguiã’s child is proud and eager to glorious achievements and sometimes a sort of Don Quixote. His original thoughts usually anticipate those of his time. He is the sunrise in the East.

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