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Day: Thursday 

Date: Corpus Christi, April 23rd or January 20th 
Metal: Gold 
Color: Turquoise 
Element: Earth (forests and cultivable fields) 
Stones: Turquoise, Aquamarine 
Domains: Hunting, agriculture, feeding and abundance



Origin and history


Oxóssi is the hunting god, lord of the forest and all its beings, Orixá of abundance and wealth. Harvesting and hunting, the primitive ways of getting food, are Oxóssi’s domains. This Orixá represents the most ancient things in human existence: the struggle for survival. Oxóssi represents the mastery of Culture over Nature. Shrewdness, intelligence and caution are Oxóssi’s qualities. He is the best at what he does and is permanently searching for perfection. He is hostile to death because he is the expression of life: it doesn’t matter how long you live, as long as you live intensely.


Features of Oxóssi’s children


They look like calm people. They don’t show their emotions but they are not insensitive. They may seem arrogant and overbearing and sometimes they are. They are suspicious, cautious, intelligent, attentive and choose their friends very carefully, because it is difficult for them to trust others. They are loyal and get hurt by small things. They are tall, thin and have a light and elegant walk. They like loneliness, are curious and figure things out quickly. They are introverted and discrete, vain, inattentive and helpful: this is a typical behavior of a hunter, who is a provider for his people.

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