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Day: Tuesday 

Date: August 24th 
Metal: Mixed gold and silver 
Colors: Yellow, green, black and every color in the rainbow 
Elements: Sky and earth 
Stone: Zirconite 
Domains: Wealth, long life, cycles, constant movements



Origin and history


Oxumaré is the Orixá of all movement and cycles. If someday Oxumaré loses his strengths, the world will end since the Universe is dynamic and the Earth is also in a constant movement. Oxumaré lives in the sky, up in heaven and visits the earth through the rainbow. He is a big snake that involves the earth and the heaven and assures the unity and renewal of the universe. He synthesizes the duplicity of every being: mortal (body) and immortal (spirit).


Features of Oxumaré’s children


They like renewal and change. From time to time, they change everything about their lives: house, friends, religion, job. They break with the past in search of new options for the future to fulfill their life cycle: changeable, uncertain and made of constant replacements. They are thin and have eyes that are attentive, prominent and hard to face but they cannot see what goes on in front of them. Oxumaré’s children are conceited, exhibitionist, attach themselves to every material thing. However, are also generous and detached when it comes to help someone. They are extremely active and agile still patient and stubborn when they are fighting for their goals.


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