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Day: Saturday 

Date: December 8th 
Metal: Copper, Brass and Gold 
Color: Gold 
Element: Fresh water (rivers, waterfalls, headwaters, lagoons, etc.) 
Stone: Topaz 
Domains: Love, wealth, fertility, pregnancy and maternity



Origin and history


Oxum, queen of wealth, is the protector of children, a tender and benevolent mother. Generous and worthy, she is the queen of all rivers. She owns women fertility, the great feminine power and is the most beautiful and sensual goddess of Candomblé. She is vain, pretty, patient and kind. She is the mother that nourishes and loves. Oxúm never sees their children’s faults and flaws.


Features of Oxum’s children


They value other people’s opinion very much and fight for their goals in a stubbornly. Behind their sweet image hides a strong determination and a big desire of social rise. They tend to be fat and like parties and other pleasures that life offers. Oxum’s children tend to have an intense but discrete sex life, since they hate scandals. They are not desperate for impossible passions: as much as they like someone, their self-esteem is much bigger. Grace, vanity, elegance, a certain laziness, charm and beauty define Oxum’s children. They like jewels, perfumes, extravagant clothes and expensive things. They have a very acute spiritual side.

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