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Day: Wednesday 

Date: June 29th 

Metals: Copper, Gold and Lead 
Colors: Red, brown and white 
Elements: Fire (big flames, lightning) and rock formations 
Stone: Ruby 
Domains: State power, justice and legal issues



Origin and history


Xangô is born from power and dies in the name of power. He is the absolute, strong and unbeatable king. Although he imposes his measures, they are always fair and honest, which makes him beloved, since he represses by style and not by wickedness. He gets his magic power from lightning, the fire that cuts the sky, destroying the earth and at the same time transforming, protecting and lighting up the way. Fire is Xangô’s big weapon, which he uses to punish the ones that don’t honor his name. Everything related to Xangô reminds us of royalty: his clothes, his wealth, the way he manages power. Xangô has always been a handsome and extremely vain man, who therefore won the heart of all the women he wanted. Xangô takes decisions about everyone’s lives and only he can decide about his life and death. He is more powerful than death, which became his anti-symbol.


Features of Xangô’s children


The children of Xangô always have a strong body, with a reasonable amount of fat, pointing out their tendency to obesity. They are aware of their importance and respectability, so they express their opinion as the final saying. They have a noble posture, with a king’s dignity. Loneliness is one of their stigmas. They like power and knowledge, the great objects of their vanity. Xangô’s children are vigorous lovers, who don’t get satisfaction from one only person. They are always surrounded by many women, whether they are lovers or helpers. However, the ones that help him take decisions are usually men.

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